Accelerating Ansys Simulations with Dell Workstations and NVIDIA GPUs

Wednesday, Oct. 18th at 12pm PST

Learn how to achieve a 5X greater processing speed when using NVIDIA GPUs to run Ansys simulations, as we explore the 2023 R2 release and how to maximize the benefits of these updates in your workflow.

Demonstrating the enhanced GPU performance on Ansys Fluent and Lumerical through benchmarking speed tests, we'll highlight the tangible benefits these updates can bring to your organization. Learn how to optimize your hardware and workstation setups for more efficient Ansys simulation runs, directly from industry experts at Dell and NVIDIA, who will share insights and answer questions during the presentation.

What to Expect

Breakdown of the 2023 R2 GPU Acceleration Updates

Discover how the integration with NVIDIA GPUs alleviates hardware capacity limitations, paving the way for faster and more efficient simulation solutions for the user, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Optimal Workstation and Hardware Configurations

Receive recommendations from Dell on the ideal workstation setups to run Ansys software seamlessly, helping to streamline workflows and minimize product development cycle durations.

GPU Solver Speed Tests in Ansys Lumerical and Fluent

Experience the GPU acceleration updates in Ansys Fluent and Lumerical firsthand as we benchmark their ability to handle larger, more complex simulations and complete them in a shorter timeframe.

Interactive Q&A Session Featuring Experts from NVIDIA and Dell

Have your questions answered by experts from Ozen Engineering, NVIDIA, and Dell during a live Q&A session, helping you gain actionable insights to implement in your projects.


Zihan Wang

Manufacturing and Industrials Global Business Development Manager, NVIDIA

Scott Hamilton

Senior Industry Strategist, Dell Technologies

MingYao Ding

VP of Engineering, Ozen Engineering