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Fracture Mechanics: Theory and Applications

This webinar provides a comprehensive overview of how fracture mechanics theories are modeled and simulated using Ansys simulation tools. Participants will gain insights into the fracture mechanics features available in Ansys software and their practical applications in various research and development projects. 

Now Available With Webinar Recording: (1) Access to Ansys' white paper on SMART Fracture Mechanics that details Ansys Mechanical's fracture mechanics capabilities and walks through the recommended simulation workflow. (2) Presentation slideshow PDF.

Topics Covered:

  • History of Fracture Mechanics
  • Fracture Mechanics Fundamentals
  • Implementation of Fracture Mechanics in Ansys
  • Predicting Crack Initiation Using Ansys
  • Calculation of Crack Initiation Using Ansys
  • Additional Fracture Mechanics Parameters in Ansys