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ANSYS Explicit Dynamics:

Modeling and Simulating Explosives

Nov. 16th, 12pm PST

Learn the essentials of modeling explosives and their impacts using the integrated AUTODYN solver of ANSYS Explicit Dynamics.

Attendees will gain insights into fundamental chemical, thermodynamic, and physical modeling concepts crucial for simulating explosive materials and their effects. The session will delve into methods for modeling the expansion of explosive product gases using the Jones Wilkins Lee (JWL) Equation of State. Additionally, the webinar will discuss simulations of the Cylinder Expansion (CYLEX) test, a foundational experiment for parameterizing the JWL Equation of State.

Presentation Outline

  1. Fundamentals of explosive concepts
  2. Explosives simulation and the JWL Equation of State
  3. Demo: ANSYS explicit dynamics for modeling explosives and their effects
*We regret to inform you that the webinar has been postponed to a later date in the coming weeks. However, we still encourage participants to register. We will provide a link to join and keep you updated on the event's status.