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Techniques for Optimizing Hydrogen Energy Systems with Ansys Fluent

Learn how to optimize the performance and efficiency of hydrogen energy systems using the advanced CFD analysis capabilities in Ansys Fluent.

Wednesday, Sept. 27th at 12pm PST

In the renewable energy sector, hydrogen energy systems are steadily gaining prominence. This webinar will focus on the intricacies of hydrogen energy processes, exploring avenues for potential optimizations and innovations through the application of Ansys Fluent. 

Process Optimization Insights

Navigate and optimize a variety of hydrogen energy processes using the advanced features of Ansys Fluent, fostering enhancements in system and product efficiency.

Fuel Cells Optimization

Gain actionable insights on augmenting fuel cell efficiency and reliability. This section aims to facilitate the improvement of product performance through the utilization of Ansys Fluent's simulation tools.

Green Hydrogen Production

Dive into the specifics of green hydrogen production, with a focus on alkaline electrolysis and PEM technology. Participants will learn strategies for streamlining production pathways.